The Life Long Beauty Range

For those looking for premium products that deliver instant results.

With age, the skin's elasticity and collagen structure become weaker meaning skin is sometimes in need of TLC. The innovative Densilift-Complex improves the skin density and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and puffiness. For a radiantly beautiful complexion that makes your age a secret. 



  • An innovative biotechnologically produced soya complex hydrates the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and puffiness
  • Vegetable-derived squalane made from olive oil forms a protective coating on the skin, preventing it from drying out. Your skin becomes smooth and supple
  • Shea butter and almond oil contain lots of unsaturated fatty acids to intensively nourish your skin

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LLB Intense Eye Repair 15ml/ 30ml

Reduce the appearance of tired looking eyes. Containing a pure soya extract and Q10, this eye cream reduces the signs of fatigue as well as premature wrinkles. Especially tailored for the delicate eye area, be sure to enhance skin texture as well as putting a stop to wrinkles and fine lines found around the delicate eye area. Perfect for an on the go top up too!

Apply around the eye area and tap gently.

Available in 15ml/30ml: £24.00/£46.00


LLB Rose Oil 30ml/100ml

Counteract the signs of premature skin ageing and wake up tired, lack-lustre skin. Enriched with caring, active ingredients, you can calm and hydrate skin. Massage into cleansed skin to help moisturise the complexion as well as give skin a smooth, velvety feel. Whilst helping to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles too, the face will feel soothed and soft.

Apply one to two drops to the face, neck, and décolletage diirectly on skin imperfections twice a day.

Available in 30ml/100ml: £22.50/ £75.00


LLB Overall Perfecting Concentrate 100ml

Protect skin and fight against the signs of premature ageing. With a combination of highly effective Densilift 5.0 paired with an innovative Narcissus complex, you can target fines lines and wrinkles head on! All the while, improve skin tone for a more radiant looking you. Give the face an added boost of hydration with anti ageing benefits. Courtesy of this Judith Williams skin serum, you can help define and tone tired looking skin.

Apply to cleansed skin in the morning as well as evening.

Top tip: This can also be used with your usual moisturiser for an even more hydrated and lifted look.

Available in 100ml: £85.00


LLB Night Lift & Repair Cream 80ml

Repair and smooth skins appearance overnight with Judith Williams. We all know that skin works to repair itself overnight, so why not give it that little bit of extra help it needs? With an added soya complex, this rich night cream moisturises and smoothes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Skin appears even, smooth and radiant with new vitality and energy. Wake up to refreshed, brighter and lifted-looking skin with this rich, luxurious cream.

Gently massage into cleansed facial skin in the evening. Continue to smooth over cleansed skin every evening.

Available in 80ml: £30.00


LLB Ultra Lift Face Cream 80ml

Especially developed to suit the needs of mature, more grown up skin. This intensive caring face cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines too. Help lift lack-lustred skin with a rich face cream from Judith Williams. It also further pampers skin with a heavenly scent. Skin looks visibly smoother and more youthful.

Gently massage into cleansed face in the morning.

Available in 80ml: £29.00


LLB Soft Touch Filler 25ml

Tinted cream for an immediate plumping effect on facial lines and wrinkles. Helps skin to feel tighter and small blemishes appear reduced. When required apply on the affected area and tap gently into skin, can be applied to cleansed skin or over make-up. 

Available in 25ml: £19.00


LLB Rich Rose Clay Mask 100ml

With added pink clay, this cleansing mask boasts a delicate rose fragrance to enchant your senses. Like a balm for your skin, it's the perfect treatment after a hard days work. With soothing actives, its purifying properties not only care for the skin but also gently free your skin while supplying them with sufficient nutrients. Think pampering treatment, this mask also promotes elasticity while smoothing and regenerating skin. 

Apply to cleansed skin. Allow to dry for approximately 10 to 15 minutes then rinse away with warm water. 

Clay Mask also comes with an applicator brush.

Available in 100ml: £28.00


LLB Rose Stem Cell Eye Cream 15ml

Created with rosea centifolIa stem cells, delicate skin can be revived. Help skin appear more youthful looking as well as refreshed. Especially developed for tired looking eyes, this light weight cream will help to reduce dark circles, pigmentation as well as any redness. The perfect solution for anyone who struggles with puffiness or sagging around the eyes.

Apply around the eye area and tap gently.

Available as 15ml: £23.00


LLB Turn Around Skin System 3x30ml

Skin in need of TLC? We have the solution. A 90 day system to really turn around skin. Sounds rather extreme but we swear by it! Judith's 3 steps and 3 bottles will kick off and finish skin's transformation.

Apply each of the three serums to the cleansed face for 30 days each.
Day 1-30: Remove & Restart - This starts with the base. In order to absorb active ingredients, the skin needs preparing. With step 1, dead skin cells are gently removed leaving the skin soft and supple.

Day 31-60: Refill & Repair - Now skin is perfectly prepared, ingredients can be absorbed efficiently. This nourishing concentrate helps replenish skins moisture stores. Before you know it, skin's irregularities and irritations are visibly compensated for.

Day 61-90: Reform & Refirm - Complete the care system to finally perfect skin's complexion. Anti-ageing ingredients help promote collagen synthesis and restore skin's bounce. The facial contours are strengthened and signs of ageing appear to be visibly reduced.

Ta-dah, your skin's turn around system is finally finished.

Available as 3x30ml bottles: £40.00


LLB Sleep Eye Mask 50ml

Say goodbye to dark circles as well as those dreaded bags under the eyes! Give tired looking skin the refreshing effect with help from this eye mask. Containing rose water and vitamin E, this mask works whilst you sleep to give tired looking skin a more awake and refined appearance. Ultimately, revive the sensitive and delicate area around the eyes with an innovative, rich ingredient formula from Judith Williams.

Apply liberally around the eyes, massage gently with your fingertips. Continue to massage in and finally remove with lukewarm water.

Available in 50ml: £29.00


LLB Rich Rose Face Cream 150ml

Perfect for tired, lack-lustre skin, this face cream has been especially developed to suit the needs of mature skin. Rich in rose moscata oil, this softening moisturiser helps boost skins complexion too. Reduce the appearance of fine lines as well as wrinkles with this fresh rose scented moisturiser. Enjoy ageless beauty and smooth skin with this Life Long Beauty Rich Rose Face Cream from Judith Williams.

Apply to a cleansed skin morning and night.

Available in 150ml: £40.00


LLB Rich Rose EDP

The Life Long Beauty range would like to introduce... The Rich Rose Eau de Parfum from Judith Williams. With a combination of orange, rose, ylang-ylang and sandalwood, it creates an elegant, sultry fragrance. Harmonising a mixture of feminine floral heart notes with fresh top notes and musk, this complex fragrance is based on the timeless scent of roses to create an elegant fragrance that can be worn every day. 

Hold fragrance away from the body, leaving at least 5-7 inches from the chest/body and spray perfume onto the pulse points.

Available as 100ml: £29.00


LLB Sleep Night Cream 100ml

Active ingredients combined in this powerful complex leave the skin looking smooth and even over night. This rich cream enhances the natural beauty sleep of the skin with the help of evening primrose, this beauty night cream creates a power packed combination.

Gently massage into cleansed skin in the evening.

Available as 100ml: £28.00


LLB Rose Cleansing Water 200ml

Remove make up without the stress! With the help of purifying micellar technology, cleansing the skin has never been easier. As part of the Life Long Beauty range, this rose infused cleansing water is perfect for the removal of make up. Whilst clearing up any general build, skin is also left clean and clear and rid of any 'nasties' too.

Apply cleansing water to a cotton pad. Then continue to apply to skin, allowing a bit more control for targeting specific areas.

Available in 200ml: £16.00 


LLB Neck & Décolleté Tube 100ml/200ml

This special cream taughtens as well as moisturises the skin in the neck and décolleté area. This specific area is well known for showing tell tale signs of ageing and therefore needs a bit of extra attention! With a superior soya complex, counteract the signs of premature ageing and tighten skins appearance. Other ingredients including Vegetable squalane from olive oil makes the skin smooth and supple to the touch. The end results: Revitalised and replenished skin and above a more youthful, radiant looking you.

Apply in upward strokes from the chest toward the chin, jawline, and back of the ears.

Available in 100ml/200ml: £26.00/£48.50


LLB Rose Stem Cell Cleansing Foam 100ml

Infused with rose centifolIa stem cells, lifting away make up has never been easier! Skin becomes a little clogged and dirty throughout the day, so why not clear the skin with help of an active cleansing formula? Leave skin feeling smoother, looking more refined and that much softer. Especially developed to remove any last traces of make up, dirt and oils. You can evidently create a deeply clean as well as a silky soft feel on the face. 

Apply to damp skin, gently massage in, then rinse with warm water

Available in 100ml: £22.00


LLB Rose Stem Cell Face Cream 50ml

With a unique formula as well as a heavenly rose scent, reduce redness and alleviate spot stressed skin. Soothe and moisturise the face with a formula infused with rose water and protective rosa moschata extract. Especially known for reducing redness, the plant stem cells will also help to relieve spot prone skin. Provide a revitalising effect and essentially give the delicate face the moisture it needs.

Apply to cleansed skin in the morning as well as in the evening.

Available in 50ml: £40.00


LLB Ultra Perfection Peel Off Mask 100ml

Especially developed to care for mature skin, this peel off facial mask does exactly what it says. By peeling off dead skin cells, it also gets rid of those last nitty gritty traces of dirt and even clears the skin of sebum. With the help of a deeply cleansing mask, skin is left feeling radiant and more even. Enriched with anti-ageing ingredients, you'll also notice a lifting effect taking place on the skin. The results, a visibly, more refined looking complexion. 

Apply to cleansed skin and allow to dry for approx 10/15 minutes. Wait until completely dried and peel off, working form the outside in. Be sure to rinse off any residue with warm water. 

Available in 100ml: £22.00


LLB Rose Cream Body Scrub 250ml

Infused with rose oil for hydration, this anti ageing treatment is suitable for all skin types. Exfoliate as well as moisture skin whilst removing dead skin cells too! Leave skin feeling moisturised as well as gently fragranced. Ultimately, target those dreaded signs of ageing and indulge in a rose scented, cream exfoliator from Judith Williams.

Apply to damp skin and gently massage in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells and to help skins absorption of your skin care.

Available in 250ml: £22.00


LLB Rich Rose Foot Butter 250ml

Treat cracked, dry feet with Judith Williams. This rose scented foot cream deeply moisturises to leave skin feeling soft and supple. Enriched with shea butter, hazelnut oil and even vitamin D, say good bye to uncomfortable, stressed feet and feel the moisture within. Pamper your feet to be ready for the summer season!

Gently massage from toenails up to the ankles daily. For stressed, dry and chapped skin apply more often.

Available in 250ml: £20.00


LLB Rose Stem Cell Gell Mask 100ml

Help unclog pores and slough away dead skin cells. With an all NEW mask from Judith Williams, you'll most certainly want to try her innovation from the Life Long Beauty Range. Enriched with rose stem cells, this face mask is also formulated with active ingredients to really improve skins luminosity. Ultimately, you'll keep your complexion looking smooth and feeling radiant and rid of any nasties. Why not treat your skin to a pampering boost with this fabulous Judith Williams innovation? You know you want to.

Apply to cleansed skin, allow to dry for 10 - 15 mins then rinse with warm water.

Available in 100ml: £25.00


LLB Rose Stem Cell Serum 50ml

Many of us want our skin feeling tighter and firmer. So, why not try a serum enriched with rose stem cells? Well known for promoting the regeneration of skin, this serum will also help define the face. With valuable plant stem cells of Rosa CentifolIa, this serum provides the skin with intensive moisture and helps combat the visible signs of premature skin ageing. Leave skin rosy-fresh, radiant and with a more even looking skin tone.

Apply to a cleansed face in the mornings and evenings before applying your usual skin care products.

Available in 50ml: £15.00


LLB Rose Stem Cell Neck & Déck 100ml

Especially developed to tighten skin on the neck and décolleté area. This intensive formula works to reduce pigment disorders as well as age marks. An area well known for showing tell tale signs of ageing - The neck and décolleté area therefore needs a bit of extra attention! With a superior soya complex as well as a combination of highly active ingredients, counteract the signs of skin ageing. Even tighten skins' appearance with special Rosa CentifolIa Stem Cells and see the results for yourself.

Gently massage into cleansed skin in the morning and evenings.

Available in 100ml: £28.00


LLB Cleansing Brush

Make the process of cleansing that much easier! Removing dead skin cells has never been so simple. With a top notch cleansing brush from Judith Williams, be sure to reveal softer-looking skin. Clear up congested pores, blockages as well as breakouts. With serrated bristles of all different lengths, get into the tiniest crevices and fine lines to really cleanse the skin deeply. Especially designed to help blemished and oily complexions look and feel softer as well as smoother.

Gently massage into skin, rinse off with warm water. Use in small lifting circular movements with a medium pressure to really cleanse the skin. Continue with your usual beauty routine, using both morning and evening.

Available: £9.00