The Phytomineral Range

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7 Vitamins, 7 Plants, 7 Minerals. Need we say anymore? 

Phytomineral is a high quality intensive skincare range for every skin type and every age. More for the younger skin, this range is all about preventing the appearance of mature skin.

If your skin lacks lustre, moisture or radiance and you're seeing fine lines, greying or dryness then the Phytomineral range is the one for you. Prevention and protecting is key here to nourish the skin to help fight the signs of premature ageing. 

Target age: 20 - 40 years. 

High quality Phytomineral Skincare has the following benefits:

  • Absorbed quickly thanks to micro-molecular emulsions
  • Fresh active ingredients from the first to the last application thanks to microencapsulation
  • Maximum effectiveness through revolutionary ingredients

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PM 24 Hour Face Cream 50ml/150ml

A definitive bestseller of the Judith Williams range, this 24 hour Face cream is enriched with plant extracts and minerals. This all in one day and night cream will help maintain the youthful look and feel of skin. As well as intensively hydrating skin, you can also counteract the signs of premature ageing too. Achieve long lasting protection from the damaging effects of UVB radiation for skin that's feeling and looking a little dull, we have the perfect solution to give skin back its glow.

Apply to a cleansed face morning and night.

Available in 50ml/150ml: £10.50/ £28.00


PM Cleansing Brush

Make the process of cleansing that much easier! Removing dead skin cells has never been so simple. With a top notch cleansing brush from Judith Williams, be sure to reveal softer-looking skin. Clear up congested pores, blockages as well as breakouts. With serrated bristles of all different lengths, get into the tiniest crevices and fine lines to really cleanse the skin deeply. Especially designed to help blemished and oily complexions look and feel softer as well as smoother.

Gently massage into skin, rinse off with warm water. Use in small lifting circular movements with a medium pressure to really cleanse the skin. Continue with your usual beauty routine, using both morning and evening.

Available: £9.00


PM 7 Night Wonder 150ml

Nourish the skin with nutrients and achieve deep, yet effective regeneration. This serum in oil contains a mix of seven high quality plant oils. Provide skin with intensive moisture, meaning a radiant complexion is achieved. Help to revitalise skin during the night and initially treat those tired looking areas. Give the face the intensive moisture it deserves and leave skin refreshed and protected.

Gently massage into a cleansed face every night.

Available in 150ml: £75.50



PM 7 Night Wonder Mask 100ml

Your favourite serum is now available in a mask! Branching out from its original Phytomineral 7 Night Wonder serum. This power packed mask provides intense moisture and is one up from the rest. Created with a combination of 7 Vitamins 7 Plants and 7 Minerals, it doubles as an over night treatment as well as a vitamin shot. Giving you your daily dose of skin-boosting vitamins, it's perfect for prepping skin for a bright and even glow. 

Apply to cleansed skin for 10 to 15 minutes. Wipe off skin with a damp cotton pad or leave overnight for a deeper treatment. 

Available in 100ml: £22.00