The power of Stem Cell Science



The plant stem cell is one of the most recognised and powerful ingredients for anti-ageing. When plant stem cells are harvested they are able to continually self renew.

The strength of 4 plant stem cell complexes, combined in the innovative stem cell complex are revitalising and energising for the skin.

Each plant stem cell includes the highly concentrated power and strength of the plant that it derives from, for protection against pollution, regaining youth and revitalisation.

The Plantago Lanceolata (plantain) stem cell supports skin elasticity, the Malus Domestica (apple) stem cell supports the skin's stem cells, the Carthamus Tinctorius (safflower) supports density of the skin and the Syringa Vulgaris (lilac) supports the skin's barrier.

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Future Skin 24 Hour Face Cream

This high-tech 24hr face cream contains an innovative combination of modern plant stem cells and the new NeuroBotumix5 Plus Complex for intensive stimulation of cell activity and regeneration. It perfectly supports natural collagen synthesis and improves the skin’s elasticity. This cream ensures that your skin feels smooth and provides for a strengthened and revitalised complexion around the clock. Dermatologically tested.

Future Skin Cell Booster

This cell protection concentrate has an immediate effect on the intensive regeneration of skin cells. An innovative combination of modern plant stem cells and the new NeuroBotumix5 Plus Complex ensures intensive stimulation of cell activity. The particularly high concentration of the stem cells immediately relaxes fine lines and wrinkles. A special agent smoothes out wrinkles and ensures a regenerated complexion full of vitality and energy. Apply to targeted areas morning and evening before moisturising


Future Skin 24 Hour Face Serum


This is an ingredient rich serum which has a lightweight texture. Designed to offer maximum results with the highest concentration of stem cell technology. This serum sits underneath the 24 Hour Face Cream, where it fortifies the moisturising benefits.


Future Skin Night Cell Shot

This night time only concentrate stimulates cellular activity, optimising your skin's own natural night time regeneration. Stimulates collagen production strengthening the skins appearance. Lines and wrinkles appear smoothed away, and a youthful complexion will great you in the morning.

Massage gently into cleansed facial skin at night before moisturising. Can also be used in combination with the Future Skin SCS 24 Hour Face Cream as needed.

Future Skin Night Cell Shot before  BEFORE

Future Skin Night Cell Shot after AFTER

Future Skin Eye Cream

Concentrated eye cream with a rich combination of modern stem cells for intensive care of the delicate skin around your eyes. It stimulates the formation of cells and treats the skin with smoothing and moisturising agents. It ensures a strengthened skin and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Future Skin Rich Cleansing Cream

Gently foaming cleansing cream for a soothing, gentle and thorough cleansing of the skin. The innovative combination of modern plant stem cells ensures intensive stimulation of cell activity and regeneration. It is the perfect preparation for follow-up care and provides for a strengthened and protected skin complexion.

Apply a small amount in the morning and evening onto damp skin, gently massage into skin and rinse with warm water.

Future Skin Décolleté Fluid Concentrate

A beautiful soft fluid to be used twice daily. This product will enrich the delicate neck and décolleté area, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst moisturising and strengthening this delicate area.

Massage gently into cleansed neck and décolleté area in the morning and evening using an up-end-down movement.